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  • Crème de la Cooper

Neova Crème de la Cooper is an intense patented moisturizing cream with DNA Cofactor [DNA Repair + Copper Peptide Complex] to provide all-day deep hydration while repairing the skin’s DNA damage.

Its rich emollient formula is best for skin types with advanced photodamage, even the most sensitive, for mature skin and those with dry to very dry skin.


  • Deliver steady doses of moisture to rehabilitate skin throughout the day.
  • Provide powerful nourishing agents that help to organize mature skin into a dramatically improved moisture state and create a stronger protective barrier.
  • Help retain elasticity and firmness and visibly smooth uneven skin tones.
  • Rich emollient cream with rapid absorption.



Apply as a daytime moisturizer after cleansing and the appropriate serum. Follow with sunscreen every morning.


  • Copper Peptide Complex®. Essential to tissue repair and in stabilization of skin proteins.
  • Mitosomes [Arabidopsis Thaliana Extract]. The DNA repair that recognizes the most common form of oxidative damage to DNA and eliminates 90% of oxidative damage in 2 hours.
  • Ceramides protect the skin’s barrier and resist irritating aggressors.

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Crème de la Cooper

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